• SALE - Walnut Comb + FREE Leather Pouch - NorseMyst
  • SALE - Walnut Comb + FREE Leather Pouch - NorseMyst
  • SALE - Walnut Comb + FREE Leather Pouch - NorseMyst
  • SALE - Walnut Comb + FREE Leather Pouch - NorseMyst

SALE - Walnut Comb + FREE Leather Pouch



Inspired by the mythical son of Loki, the comb’s engraving embody the Jormundgandr's power, the Midgard Dragon who holds the world together. The comb comes with its leather pouch on which the Helm of Awe is engraved to protect the comb. It is known to be a powerful protective symbol used by the Vikings. In Norse mythology, it is said that it is a symbol that was worn between the eyes that it would induce fear in enemies, and protect against the abuse of power. It is also the symbol from the dragon Fafnir, wise and knowledgeable who is living in Gnitaheith and protecting a great treasure.

The comb-making process is a combination of hand and machine work. It is made from high-quality wood and has received 100% plant-based wood care. Each comb is unique with its own wood grain and natural differences as it will include knots, color variations, different grain patterns, etc. Both sides of the comb are decorated with carvings inspired by Viking art and culture.

They are very convenient and portable to carry in your pocket or toiletry bag. On top of that Wooden Combs are better than traditional Plastic ones because it does not produce an electrostatic charge and as a result, it keeps your hair and scalp healthier.

Protect Your Comb

Leather pouch: This is 100% handmade out of soft organic leather which has been tanned naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. The natural markings of the hide are left visible adding to the character and individuality of the leather. It is engraved with the protective Helm Of Awe which is one of the most powerful protective Viking symbols.

Our Quest

We want this product to be as natural as possible, so to stay consistent with our values, we aim to use plastic-free packaging as much as we can.
In our quest to revitalize European culture our combs are made in Europe, and the reason is not only about providing you a higher quality product but we also strive to promote European expertise by avoiding low-cost manufacturing just for the sake of maximizing our profit.


Dimensions: 10.5cm x  5.5cm or 4.1” x 2.1"
Material: Walnut
Treatment: Hand-waxed with natural wood oil and wax 100% plant-based
Made in EUROPE

Dimension: 13cm x 6.5cm or 5.1" x 2.5"
Material: Organic leather
Handmade in EUROPE

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