Kati Rán Combs

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A special set of traditional Nordic combs, designed in collaboration with Kati Rán.

As part of her creative process, Kati Rán finds inspiration in Norse Mythology and more specifically the Nine Daughters of Ægir and Rán.

In her Nordic music she makes use of historical instruments that have in turn inspired the design of these special combs; named after two of the daughters of Rán, we designed ‘Bara’ and ‘Bylgja’ as a continuation of traditional form and a new flow in Nordic design.

The third comb is named after the son of Frigg and Oðinn, Bragi. Husband of Iðunn, he is the God of poetry, his tongue is marked with Runes. The pattern of ´Bragi´ is kept identical to the archeological finding of a musical instrument; the famous lyre from Kravik in Norway.

You can choose between 3 different designs:

  1. Bara
  2. Bylgja
  3. Bragi

Nordic Comb + Digital Single UNNR

Together with your purchase receive a download link to the NEW digital single of Kati Ràn Unnr | MINDBEACH

Protect Your Comb

Leather pouch: It is handmade out of soft organic leather which has been tanned naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. The natural markings of the hide are left visible adding to the character and individuality of the leather.

Walnut Box: It is handmade from high-quality walnut wood. Just like the comb, the walnut box is made of natural wood and has received 100% plant-based wood care.

Ordering And Shipping

  • Ordering: Open from 12/03 to 30/04
  • Shipping:
    • Digital Single: Following order confirmation, you will receive the download link via e-mail
    • Comb&Pouch: As all our products are handmade, allow us some time to prepare your order. Shipping will start in May and you will be notified by mail with a tracking number once your product is out for delivery.

Our Quest

We want this product to be as natural as possible, so to stay consistent with our values, we aim to use plastic-free packaging as much as we can.
In our quest to revitalize European culture our combs are made in Europe, and the reason is not only about providing you a higher quality product, but we also strive to promote European expertise by avoiding low-cost manufacturing just for the sake of maximizing our profit.


This comb is made from high-quality wood and has received 100% plant-based wood care. Each comb is unique with its own wood grain and natural differences as it will include knots, color variations, different grain patterns, etc. Both sides of the comb are decorated with carvings inspired by Nordic heritage and culture.

They are very convenient and portable to carry in your pocket or toiletry bag. On top of that Wooden Combs are better than traditional Plastic ones because it does not produce an electrostatic charge and as a result, it keeps your hair and scalp healthier. 

Dimensions: 10.5cm x  5.5cm or 4.1” x 2.1"
Material: Walnut
Treatment: Hand-waxed with natural wood oil and wax 100% plant-based
Made in EUROPE

Dimension: 13cm x 6.5cm or 5.1" x 2.5"
Material: Organic leather
Handmade in EUROPE

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susanne L.
Early delivery

I got an early delivery before the release of May, yes I got a special treatment, I took the Bylgja and honestly this comb is great and the craftmanship is very good. I love it!

Jekki B.
Thanks Nico

I got mine earlier than expected, it was a nice suprise. Thank you Nico for your nice word and support