Our Story

The story of how I came to the point that I wanted to open this shop is kind of odd, but I assume that if you are here it means that you want to know.

All started because I have been raised in the south of Belgium by a Danish mom who didn't teach me the language of her home country and not much of the Norse culture. But not everything was lost, thanks to a few family visits in Denmark, my cousins had great fun in making me repeat a few "nice" words. Okay, nothing that will help me order a beer at the local bar and have a decent conversation with the barmaid, because I would probably have more chances to be kicked out for being rude. 

Anyway, every opportunities/ excuses were good to feel connected to Denmark, to the point that in the early 90’s I dropped my dance music compilations to become a fan of one of the most popular metal band on this planet. Why? Just because a certain drummer Lars Ulrich is Danish. This, by the way, got me into metal music since then. 

So one day when I had enough of chocolate, Belgian beers, and Belgian fries (don't get me started on this lost in translation "French" fries story) I decided to reconnect once more with my Danish roots. So I started looking into Norse Mythology, where at first I pictured powerful Gods and merciless Vikings going from village to village doing all sorts of violent actions to gain power. 

But as I was not willing to contribute to the violent side of the Norse Mythology, I decided to create this shop with the goal to share other aspects like brotherhood, passion for old stories, mysteries, connections to nature and its elements.

How did I come up with the name Norse Myst? As a kid, I recalled being told that the only thing that Vikings feared was mist. Apparently, it was because they were sailing relying on their observations and senses, making particularly difficult during bad weather conditions like mist. And this is how the name Norse Mist came out first, but unfortunately, the name was already taken by a Scandinavian band. So I changed the “i” in “y”.

I have great joy in working on NorseMyst and I'm thrilled to share my life's work with you!